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Anime Party and Sampling Many First Episodes

In the Philippines, Christmas season starts ridiculously in September, so a Christmas Party in late November is not too weird by our timetables. Last year us anime and manga fans (and bloggers) had it in TheSpaceCandy's house. This year we held it at my place. 

We watched a bunch of first episodes so as to introduce each other to different shows. Many of these I’ve already seen (Kuragehime, Hataraki Man, Revolutionary Girl Utena) and are of the best stuff under 24 minutes (and I’ve written about these elsewhere), so I’ll only talk about my discoveries, as they were:

Working: Impossibly attractive employees all in one restaurant… incredible. The short girl, probably the protagonist is ridiculously cute. I’ve no idea where this is going, and I’m not really into it. But, incredibly bouncy girl is adorable. 

Dai-Guard: This is my kind of workplace anime (as is Hataraki Man). For starters it included a giant un-super robot (involving the realest and I mean it’s like making a point about how grounded it is in the mundane) run by committees and a board of directors. Salaryman and office lady pilots? I’m going to love this one. 

Kara no Kyokai: Looks gorgeous, amazing music (really, those tracks stood out in a great way)… but a terrible show to watch while hosting a party and drinking 3 kinds of beer, wine, scotch whiskey, rum, and sake. I have no fucking clue what happened and could har dly remember any of the character names. 

2 lolimoe fanservice shows with absurdly long names (or not): Being inebriated does nothing to get me off of lolimoe characters. The fanservice does nothing for me. 


I wish we could do this more often, though I’m probably going to get it from my wife tomorrow since our guffawing while watching woke up my daughter from her sleep at least thrice. Oh well. 

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