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I’m so confused right now.. are the other Robotech series (Masters, and Next Gen) even canon with Macross frontier? I have no idea…

No, Robotech is a mix of 3 unrelated series by the same japanese studio that Hatmony Gold bought and turned into their own series.
Macross Frontier is part of the original Japanese franchise and has nothing to do with Robotech.

But if you watch Frontier films… They’re so TOTALLY ROBOTECH.

End of the Triangle…
End of the Circle (Robotech novel)

Oh man, the Macross Galaxy leadership are totally the Robotech Masters. The Vajra did everything Invid with Alto playing Zor..

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Mobile Suit Valentine Cards: MASTERPIECES ALL OF THEM




Here’s a bunch of shitty gundam valentines I made when I got my tablet a year ago. I’m proud to say I’ve improved a bit. These are still my masterpieces though.

I still love them all!

these are ADORABLE

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